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Wtf FB...

So I'm not very active on FB. I purposefully don't "like" public figures, movies, tv shows and books anymore or very rarely and a few years ago I culled quite a few just for the pleasure of denying FB extra data. I don't play games, I rarely make personal updates and only occasionally share links or personal photos. I do "like" a number of personal posts, photos and links from friends and I poke one friend a heck of a lot. But the issue is my feed.

Everyone knows now about how FB filters your feed, but I really can't understand why FB has learned nothing about how I interact with one particular person's posts. I think it's supposed to adapt to the user, but fuck that, not true. They have a hierarchy for what shows up in my feed and be damned my personal tastes.

Anyway, to get back to the point: links trump status updates and videos and photos trump links. And this one person shares a mega fuckton of photos. The bulk of them being photographs with text. Picture after picture of "uplifting" empty platitudes and quotes. And the kicker is she rarely shares from the same source twice, so I can't just "hide all" and expect to see less because the next day there will be ten more shares from ten different sources yet again. I kid you not, she posted 14 things today from 14 different sources. Recently I started doing "hide all" in the hopes that FB would realize I don't like this sort of thing, but it hasn't worked.

And I can't just block all her posts, because she's family and I want to see my nieces. But what in the world possessed FB's algorithms to make her the one and only person where every damn thing they do shows up in my feed? I had to force FB with several settings to make certain other things showed up in my feed, but with no extra settings at all there she is. I only ever "like" photos of my nieces, yet there again is another picture with another quote slapped on it.

My only guess is that I have so few things in my feed (as I purposefully don't have a lot of friends or liked pages) and there's just room to put up everything. But still...make it stop! I can't find any setting where I can even tweak how much of her content is put on my feed. :(