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Jun. 16th, 2014

Yachiru: whee!

I can barely believe it! 8D

My mother contacted my father's primary care physician today about the need for blood work in order to get the CT scan and guess what? There's blood work ordered for him! Granted it's not going to be the same lab as planned, but the lab in the medical building where this doctor is based. But anyway, it doesn't matter because the results will get sent to the appropriate people!

I knew the prescription from his neurologist wasn't going to come in, so I rescheduled the scan for Friday. I can get him to the lab tomorrow and that is more than enough time to get the results done for Friday.

Ishida: I do not suffer fools

And the saga continues...

Well, the fax with the prescription for blood work did not come after office hours on Friday. My mother and I even went down to check on Saturday morning. And my mother sorted through tons of paper to see if we had a paper copy of the blood work, didn't find it. (There is the tiniest possibility that they sent the fax while the building had a scheduled power outage that evening, but considering they don't even answer their phone after 4 in the afternoon I highly doubt they were banging out faxes hours after that.)

Supid old me had scheduled the scan for Wednesday with blood work needing to be done today at the latest. I should have scheduled for Friday, to give as much wiggle room as possible, but I was trying to get it done as soon as possible. My dad has been waiting for weeks for one simple scan and in my freaked out, stressed out brain I chose the earliest date I could for his sake. Obviously this was a mistake.

I assumed that with a whole business day that the incompetent asshats at the neurologist's office could at least talk to the doc and get her to sign off on the script without much difficulty. That was asking way too much. I knew I shouldn't have had confidence in them since after two hours when I initially spoke to them they had done nothing and I had to explain all over again what I needed. I wonder if they completely forgot I'd called first thing that morning. Thinking that the ensuing five hours after the second call would get anything accomplished was too much to ask.

If we get no fax by noon today I'm going to try to reschedule for Friday. And we're going to be giving a middle finger to his neurologist's office and try to get his primary care doc to order the blood work for us (since he's privy to the issue that requires this CT scan.) And if the scan gets done and his doc sees it, maybe she'll just consult with local people and we can see them directly and never make an appointment with her again.

It's a great pity, since the doc herself is a really good doctor, but where she's at (a university hospital) has saddled her with the most jackass incompetent office people imaginable where urgent means "please ignore!" Considering that nothing has been done I have to wonder if they ever spoke to the doctor. Because if they had managed to take two minutes to convey the urgency surely she would have done something before the end of the day and the fax would have been sent. I really can't believe his doc decided to ignore the urgency if she knew or that she would completely forget since SHE IS THE ONE THAT ORDERED THE SCAN.

Jun. 13th, 2014


Murphy's law in full force

So...I have a headache and I really hate people right now. My father's CT scan has been scheduled FOUR times, the last three being reschedules because of incompetence and error.

1) Scheduled in wrong city at wrong hospital.
This was weeks ago now and my mother took care of setting them right. I can half understand this mistake, something wasn't communicated correctly from doctor to scheduling department and bam, they assumed it would be in the same city, which is probably the majority of things they do.

2) Scheduled for correct city, wrong hospital.
This I can half understand. There are three hospitals in the city, two of which have merged, so they have a shared bureaucracy, but separation campuses. So they picked the wrong hospital, oops. And why I can't understand it is because they were told the name of the correct hospital from the very beginning.

3) Scheduled for the correct city, and correct hospital!
But man was it hard to get them to change it. The main office sent up a note for me about the urgency of it because it was scheduled in the wrong place and it was happening the next day. But no one in the doc's office called me back. I called at the end of the day and the same woman from the morning who helped me was so apologetic that they never called me back and promised to walk down there personally the next morning and put the note in their hands.

And it worked! They called me the very next morning, canceled the wrong scan and rescheduled for the correct hospital. I will admit that I probably should have figured out it was the wrong hospital sooner, but at the time I just couldn't believe that they had fucked up a second time.

4) Oops, you can't have the scan without blood work.
So scan was scheduled for this coming Monday, but since the CT scan is with contrast you have to have blood work done beforehand to make sure you're well enough to have the contrast. But basically everyone except my dad forgot about it, but since we didn't have a prescription in our hands in order to go to a lab we're shit out of luck.

Got this call this morning saying "we need this blood work, it needs to be drawn today before noon and only at this one specific location." Well, shit. Why no one bothered to remind us about this I don't know. Well, we don't have the prescription and I honestly don't know if one was ever given to us. So I call the neurologist again, explain the situation and stress that we really need to the script faxed to the lab so we can go down there and get the blood drawn before noon. And if that doesn't happen he won't be able to have his scan at the scheduled time.

I wait till 11 and I call again and they haven't done anything about it. So fuck it, it's too late. They didn't have the fax number they needed to send it to, and I didn't either right that moment, so I gave them my mother's fax number. If we physical have the little fucker I can take my father to get blood drawn on Monday and have his CT scan FINALLY on Wednesday afternoon, which is the latest reschedule I had to make after finding out the doc's office hadn't done diddly yet. And as far as I know they still haven't faxed the prescription...

I officially hate people now. If they don't fucking send it today, or by some miracle first thing Monday I'm going to have to reschedule AGAIN.

So basically: fuck these people. We like the doctor, but the office staff in her department and the scheduling department there fucked us over. And we've had problems with them before. I'm saying that this is the straw that broke the camel's back. Once this fucking CT scan is done we're switching neurologists. It's also been a bit of an issue to have her be father away, but she's a good doctor and she cares about my dad, but dragging him so far is getting to be more of a hassle. And having her hospital so far away makes scheduling anything unnecessary difficult. Though I know she's ordered x-rays before, which we were able to do locally and none of this shit happened.

Feb. 5th, 2013

Exit: Sun

Long time, no post

The last post I made on LJ was Sep. 24th, 2012 at 12:57 AM. Just wow...but I will wow you even more with this image!

So yeah, I made these way way over a year ago. They've sat in a neat little pile waiting to have photos taking of them and posted here. I long planned to revive my LJ by having it be the repository of the crafting and cooking I've done, but my smartphone and FB made me lazy, "oh look, I can just upload the pic to FB and G+". And that killed the plan with finality, put it out of its misery, if you will, since it was dying already...

Until today! Where for some reason I decided I would actually use one of these damn things, so I had to take a picture while they were still pristine. Can you believe it's so long since I did any posting on LJ that I forgot all the html I used to use? Yeah, I had to go look at old posts. >.>

Apr. 2nd, 2012

Hanatarou: bad day...

Today sucked

I found my neighbor dead in her kitchen this morning. Today really really sucked. I'm going to miss her.


You know what makes this all the more sad as I think about it, three generations died in that house during her lifetime. She tended to both her husband's parents, her own daughter and her husband. She was the only one left living in that house and so she died alone. At least she had the freedom of going quickly and not from a protracted illness like the four she tended to in their last days. She died in the comfort of her own home in her favourite room: her lovely sunny kitchen.

But still, it hurts knowing I'll never get to sit down and chat with her again.

Aug. 1st, 2011

Earth: the hard little planet...

Randomity: Post #149

Surprising and unexpected truth: Sometimes kicking something does make it work -

Suck pump won't shut off? Kick the post it's attached to; instant off switch!

Spoonerism of the day:

I need to slice up that cooken and chick it.

Idiot move of the day: The father of friend, chiropractor and fellow potter died. I get sympathy card and mail it this morning -

This afternoon I realize I didn't put a stamp on it...


[Wow, I haven't posted since June. o.o]

Jun. 4th, 2011

Dancity XD

Birth of a pie...

Soooo, two Sundays in a row in May I made strawberry rhubarb pie. My elderly neighbor has a lil patch of rhubarb and encouraged me to pick some for pies. So I did! She made pies, too.

Here's pies number 1 and 2:

The top pieces of crust shrunk more than I thought, so you can see I added quite a bit more for pie #2.

click for in progress images for the first pieCollapse )

May. 7th, 2011

Earth: the hard little planet...

Guests: A great motivator

Having company over is one of the best motivators I have for cleaning.

Yesterday I managed to...

Bake a cake
Wash the dishes

...in the span of about an hour and ten minutes. Which left me a whole hour to chill and have a little lunch before they arrived.

Now if only I can harness that and clean on a more regular and regimented basis I wouldn't have to do whirlwind cleaning whenever someone is going to be coming by...

Apr. 21st, 2011

MST3K: Crow LOL!

Hilarious, please watch...


Apr. 16th, 2011

I can has gardening?


FINALLY four of my tomato seeds have sprouted. I planted them on March 25.

I was starting to wonder if they didn't like the heat of the warming tray. And I might be right. They're in the three season room right now, they have warm soil, but the air in that room is chilly. Course, they have a clear dome thingy on top, so they're not directly exposed to the cold air, but really.

Anyway, these seedlings better make it >.< I did not like or have good luck with the tomato plants I bought in the garden center last year, which I bought because last year I couldn't get my tomato seeds to sprout either...

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